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Top 5 Business Apps...#1: Slack

Slack is a new kind of messaging for teams, and projects.  You can have separate channels for different teams and projects, or departments. It brings all communication into one place.

With Slack, you can share files and images with the people in your channel, and it helps making communication more transparent.  If you need private communication, you can create private channels and invite select team members to that channel.

You can direct message team members as well, and have private chats if required.  No one else can see or join your private chats.

You can drag and drop files from your desktop to the app and shared with other people in your team.

If you use Google Drive, Box or Dropbox, you can share links to files you have stored there too.  The document becomes immediately indexed and searchable as well.

You can make note chats for future reference, and all of the chats are highly searchable.  We all know over time your chat messages quickly build up into the 10,000's.  Someone I know recently got notified he was one of the top hundred Viber users in Australasia, as he had sent so many Viber messages, so the search feature will come in handily there.



  • Option One is free for users wanting to use Slack for an unlimited amount of time. The features include searchable message archives, 10 apps or services integrations, including Mailchimp, Native Apps for Android, Apple, and Windows desktop, 2 person calls and 5GB storage

  • Option Two is $6.67 USD per user per month billed annually, includes the same features as the free option number one, but also includes 2 factor authentication, priority support, custom user groups to reach a team or department, group calls, and 10GB storage per team member.

  • Option Three is $12.50 USD per user per month billed annually. The difference is 20GB storage per team member, 99.99% guaranteed up time, user provisioning and deprovisioning, Active directory sync, and 24/7 support with 4 hour response time.

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