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Sharepoint and G-Drive

Sharepoint and G Drive


sharepoint site setup, support and backup

We can setup your SharePoint site for all of your remote data storage, and file sharing needs. We can setup groups and users for all of your staff, contractors, and collaborators. Security taken care of by way of two-factor authentication, and if you have compliance needs SharePoint setup correctly is a compliant solution for company data.

SharePoint licenses are included with Office 365 E1, Office 365 E3 and Office 365 E5.

With SharePoint, you can upload files and folders to your SharePoint Document Library so users can access them from everywhere. You can work with other staff member or collaborators on the same document, at the same time.

You can share documents and share sites with other users. A SharePoint Site is a company intranet you can use to share staff news, document management, and can add other parts like task lists, calendars etc.

Backups are important to have done, even with a cloud solution like SharePoint. We can setup a PC or server onsite, log onto the SharePoint Site and then have the SharePoint data configured to a 3210 Backup Strategy.


G Drive setup, support, and backup.

If you already use G-Mail for company emails, we can setup your G-Drive or Team Drives and transfer your company data across to that.

Google Drive is a cloud based server where you can store your company files. You can set access permissions for users to have view, edit or no access permissions. You can set these permissions to files and folders.

Team Drives has the permissions set to the root folder, so say if you create a Sales Team Drive, the users have permissions to the entire drive. Administrators can move folders, whereas users can move files only. We recommend setup of G-Drive, so you can share individual files and folders with different users.

With our experience, we have found that G-Drive is better, and best of all, only requires G-Suite Basic accounts, not G-Suite Enterprise, which Team Drives does.