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Sorting emails by date sent after migration.

If you do an email migration, say from Exchange to G-Suite (IMAP), Outlook will sort the emails in each folder by way of date migrated, not the date sent. So if you do a migration at 23rd July, 2019, all emails will show the date received 23rd July, as this is the date they hit the G-Mail servers, and were received.

You can manually sort each folder via:

View settings


If you sort by received, then it will give them all the date that they were received at your email account / G Suite server.

It is fine to use this process if you have only a few folders, but some users like to create folders in folders in folders, and end up with up to 300 + folders in some cases.

To automate the sorting by date sent to all folders, I recommend the following process:

View Tab

Change View

Manage Views

IMAP Messages


Sort by: Sent (descending)If that sorts correctly for that folder, then you can check the option apply to sub-folders.

Expand the folder tree and select all sub-folders, then click OK, and all emails will be sorted correctly.

kel toyne