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Windows 10 Anniversary update

The Windows 10 anniversary update has started rolling out to new PC's.  We are sending out this blog to warn users to make sure you only install the update overnight to ensure you don't take out your PC and make it unusable in the middle of the working day (like I did).

Just select the option, install the update in X hours (when you have finished work).  I though it would be a quick update but it's not.

The update includes a faster edition of Internet Edge Browser.  I have tested this browser previously and I am not a fan.  I migrated my bookmarks from Chrome (well I tried it proved impossible).  First I tried migrating the backups from Edge to Internet Explorer.  Then, according to guides online you should be able to migrate from Internet Explorer to Chrome.  This method failed, as already twenty minutes in, I just added the bookmarks manually.

I usually spend a lot of time in Chrome, as I use Google Apps heavily.  The same shortcuts, and tools aren't available, making it a learning curve for your day to day work.  The main reason I switched was to make sure I'm still current with what is available in IT community, and to see if there is a better way for my clients to use their own pc's.  This is because Chrome is resource hungry, chewing up A LOT of memory, especially if you have 20 tabs open like the rest of us.

I tested Internet Edge for a few weeks, and it was using the same amount of memory as Chrome used to.  Also, the ease of use wasn't as good as Chrome.  I recommend Chrome still, and if you work with 20+ tabs open at once, then look at having 16 GB RAM installed.

Back to the anniversary update, I installed it last week and have experienced no changes to my system.   The only thing I did notice was that it did take a long time to download (using a 100 MB per / s connection).  Also the install was time consuming as well, so use the option to install after business hours (overnight).

New features included in the update include:

I won't mention all 15 updates as some are minor, just the ones that will make a difference.

  1. Edge now includes extensions like all the other browsers, Chrome Safari and Firefox.

  2. The date and time are now bundled together in one button.

  3. The Surface gets pen friendlier with Windows Ink, a sticky notes app.

  4. Cortana on the lock screen, if you use it (I don't, it doesn't recognise my Kiwi accent)

  5. An improved Windows Defender. Prior to the update, if you installed a 3rd party anti-virus program, Windows Defender automatically disabled. Now it sits active in the background providing real-time protection as an " added second layer of defence".

  6. Connect your Android phone to Cortana:
    Open Cortana on your Surface, and choose the setting, allow Cortana to synch across other devices. It then sends you a link via SMS, which you click on and install Cortana on your phone. Once done, you can receive your text messages on your Win 10 PC (finally caught up to Apple on that one). You can also ring your phone from your PC. Once all setup you can see missed calls, low battery and SMS messages all get notified on your PC.



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