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Why Outsource Helpdesk Support to MADTECH Computers

Why is it important to outsource your companies’ IT Helpdesk support?

MadTECH Computers is the Gold Coasts Top Budget Helpdesk support Provider.  We provide low cost Computer technical support for a low monthly fee.

99% of other Managed IT service suppliers charge a premium rate for Helpdesk support for your Company, and it is hard for business owners to see a return on their monthly IT support costs.

If your helpdesk support is doing a good job, then you will not be experiencing any outages. If you, as an astute business person; running a successful business are following your IT consultant’s recommendations and replacing hardware and following IT roadmap strategies as consulted, then your computer network will be running well.

Then the only issue you will be having is the cost of the Helpdesk support.  If you have in house support, with IT consultants, helpdesk staff, engineers then you will be experiencing the following headaches:

  • Recruiting the staff. Time spent interviewing, paying recruitment agencies, training new staff, time and productivity lost with staff training new members. Possible loss of profit or damage to computer systems and data by having new staff touching your network.

  • Administration and associated costs. Lawyers’ fees drafting new agreements, administration staff spending time paying wages, tax, sorting leave applications, sick days, paying temp agencies for temp staff when IT helpdesk staff call in sick.

  • Paying super, tax and sick pay for computer tech support staff members.

If you already outsource Helpdesk support to an outside contractor or IT services company, you will be facing these headaches:

  • High monthly invoices for Managed Services fixed fee.

  • Extra costs on top of the agreed fee structure that weren’t expected or budgeted. Some IT companies charge 300% on top of the agreed monthly spend.

  • Slow response time. I’ll say it again, as it is the #1 issue companies face. Slow response time. Phone calls not returned, emails not acknowledged.

  • Poor attitude from IP helpdesk provider. You call your contractor or managed IT services provider, and cop a bad attitude over the phone. This is inductive of IT Support. We all get it from helpdesk support when we call Telstra or other tech companies. The tech on the other end sounds uninterested, makes you feel stupid or talks down to you. MadTECH Computers techs are chosen on their human nature as well as experience. If you call us, you DO feel the love, not like you are inconveniencing us. We understand you help us survive, and pay the bills. Besides, we have personal relationships with our clients, so we don’t act rudely.

  • Not always, but some people may be experiencing poor resolution to issues. Are you calling about an issue, and it hasn’t been fixed yet? Fair enough, it is an issue that takes time, or it’s a difficult project, or you are not following your IT consultant’s recommendations due to cost. But what if your computer tech support is not fixing your issues, and you have critical systems down and not up quickly? It’s time to look around for new computer tech support.

madTECH Computers relies on you for us to survive.  We need happy customers so they pay our invoices.  We keep customers happy by answering the phone and resolving issues in a cheerful manner.  We log all computer support issues in a helpdesk ticket, and can call up notes for future reference or if you have an invoice query.

We always maintain you own the intellectual property when it comes to your IT infrastructure.  It is very important you understand, as a business owner that you own your website, domain, any DNS records, passwords to any systems, software licenses etc.

Too many computer tech support engineers lock owners out of their own property be it their websites, DNS, or even servers on a domain.  madTECH Computers can help explain how all this works, and help you regain control of your IT services.

We make sure you stay in control of your Helpdesk support by record keeping.  When we have regular IT Services roadmap meetings, we hand over the latest Operating Procedure documentation for you to store securely at your office.  This means you always have the latest records of your records, accounts, usernames and passwords.  If you need to make any changes to website, DNS, website and email hosting, then you have the information there to be able to do it or assign someone to do it.

This stops the situation arising where you are tied to one person because they are the only ones that understand how your systems work or that they are the account holder for websites, DNS, internet service providers, website hosting, email hosting etc.  madTECH seriously believes if you are doing a good enough job, then your client will trust you to do the work on their behalf.  You don’t need to lock users out of services, or make things hard enough for them to understand so they are forced to you just one company to do all of their Managed IT Services, or helpdesk support.

Another way we do this is by no fixed term on Managed Service Contracts.  A month by month basis if you require.  No locked in 24 or 36-month Service Level agreements just so we can guarantee our own income for the next 3 years.  We know our work is good, so can offer month by month terms, and we’ll still be working together years later anyway.

Why should your company or business use madTECH Computers for Helpdesk Support?

  1. We are not focused on making sales, or have sales targets that staff must reach. We keep our own expenses low, and understand that it is hard for some business owners to pay for IT support when they can’t see a return for it like with marketing or buying an asset.It is very important for your network, servers and critical systems to stay online. If you pay for Computer Tech Support, they help pro-actively and re-actively to maintain and backup these systems. Imagine how good it would be to call an IT services Helpdesk and have someone pick up and be able to help and remote into your systems straight away.

  2. Instead of suffering price gouging or profiteering from your IT Support Provider, why not engage madTECH Computers for your Managed IT Services? We are able to do commence on an ad-hoc, project basis. This means you can engage our services for a project big or small scope. It could be a workstation or printer install, or a bigger task like change of email storage or email hosting. You pay on sign off of project install. If both parties liked working together and wish to continue, then we can commence a signed Service Level agreement, which both parties discuss and sign off.A Service Level Agreement is engaged on different levels of responsibility, cost structure, response times, and hours of support. An example of previous SLA’s we have held include:

  • Enterprise Level Service Level Engagement for Private Catholic School, where we had a technician on site 24 hours per week. We had an office on site, and were in charge of providing technical support, helpdesk support, and a consultancy service for the principal and other sponsors at the school where we would advise on infrastructure upgrades, IT roadmap planning sessions, laptop purchases for 200+ students at a time. Our Response level obligations included immediate response time to the administration block machines, where if we had a call about any administration staff that had an urgent issue, we had to fix the issue straight away (within reason).For serious network level issues, if there was a network outage affecting 10 or more workstations, the Level One technician on site had to repair straight away. If he was unable it quickly, the Level Two madTECH Engineer was dispatched to site to would be sent to site to take over and repair quickly. We had this scenario happen once, where a switch to the library and lab failed, affecting 50+ computers. The Level One and Level Two madTECH staff had it repaired and working in less than one hour.

Questions your normally too afraid to ask your Helpdesk support services…

What is a critical system?

Any computer or server at your workplace that when it stops working, you lose money.  Could at a stretch, also include a printer or data store that you simply must always have working at your business.

These are outlined at IT roadmap meetings between business owner or representative and madTECH so both parties now what must be kept functional at all times.

For example, at a roadmap meeting between business owner Sharon and MadTECH Owner Kel Toyne, Sharon explains the importance of two systems at a Carpet Factory:

“ Kel we really need the custom RFMS database accessible at all times, as well as the accountant’s pc with AccountRight working at all times, how can you do this?”

“...Ok Sharon we will setup a reliable pc with SQL configured just like the RFMS Server is.  If the SQL server goes offline or needs to be taken offline, we will upload the latest copy of the database to the backup SQL machine, check It works ok and has the latest records.  Once you confirm, records will be written to the test machine database, while the SQL server is taken offline or the accountant reconciles the data there.  As for the accountant’s machine, that is backed up to two locations, one onsite and one offsite.  If her machine crashes, call us and we will get there straightaway and fix the pc, or set up a new one if we have to…”

 Why is the invoice for November $4000 when we were expecting one for around $500?

Their response may be something like…

“…well Sally’s PC went down which we weren’t expecting, and Toms emails went missing when he brought a new home pc so we had a couple of techs working on those issues overnight…these issues are out of scope so we have to charge hourly rate, some of it and overtime rate.”

From a madTECH standpoint, we don’t think our competitors rip customers off, but we have had companies approach as they were experiencing unexpected cost issues with their existing helpdesk support provider.

How come madTECH Computers won’t charge us excess or unexpected charges each month once we sign a Managed Service Agreement with you?

“…we will sit down with yourself or your trusted representative and create a detailed agreement including what is covered and what is not.  Anything not covered will be quoted and not supplied until quote is accepted by your appointed company representative, not just anyone at your business.  Also we will hold roadmap meetings to discuss upcoming changes or purchases.  One of our current clients holds these meetings weekly so there are no nasty surprises ever…”

Why is madTECH Computers Managed Service Fee so much cheaper than its competitors?

“…we keep our running costs extremely low.  And not by hiring cheap staff, we hire the best engineers on the Gold Coast.  We simply keep on top of our monthly accountable, so we don’t have to pass costs on to our clients.  We want to change the current IT consultant price model for a more affordable structure.  Low cost Business IT Support, 80% cheaper than our competitors…”


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