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Staff Monitoring Software


Pricing breakdown:

$9.95 USD for 5 devices per month
Staff monitoring software requirements:

Time spent in Outlook? Yes it does monitor applications used.

What websites are being accessed?  Yes

What websites in incognito mode? On Windows and Mac, Qustodio monitors and filters incognito browsing just as well as regular browsing and there is no special setting to activate for this to happen

Time spent in websites?

Screenshots of websites? Yes it takes screenshots of websites visited

Time spent in different applications including Word, Photoshop? Yes it does monitor applications used.


Often people will leave a program open but not actively using it, including Outlook.  I personally leave outlook open in one monitor but go back to it to write or reply to an email?

Utilise the trial period first for testing purposes.  If happy, then purchase the license after testing for 30 days.

Can customise the configuration prior to install so can on board to device quickly.

If application monitoring doesn’t work, try disabling any security suites or anti-virus.

No phone support, only email support.

Supported platforms:

Windows            (Windows 7 and up)

Mac       (Mac OS 10.8 onwards)

iOS         (iOS 7 onwards)

Android (4.0 and onwards)

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