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Product review Samsung 64 GB Micro SD

I have recently purchased a Samsung Class 10 Evo 64 GB Memory Card to add extra memory to my Surface 3 tablet.

The tablet is a bottom of the range one, used primarily for travelling, so I can watch movies, and TV shows, read emails (using Chrome Inbox app), and do some light website editing and blog posts.

There fore, it only comes with 64 GB total memory, but with the apps and Windows 10 home installed, it only really leaves you with about 20GB free HDD space.

I chose the Evo Pro for it's price point; $25 AUD delivered.  With a reported speed of 48MBS, its actual speed when copying from the internal SSD to the Micro SD card sits at around 20MBS.

But because the card is only being written to about once a week, the speed doesn't really matter.  I can just copy my movies from an external hard drive or USB, and let them copy.  You can't notice speed degradation when watching movies at all.

To install the memory card on the Surface tablet is very easy.  I simply turned the tablet over, lifted the tablet stand away from the back of the case.  From there, you can see a Micro SD card slot, you push the card in there until you hear a click.  You then hear the Windows sound notification that there is a new storage device attached, and it is all ready to go.

In summary, the card is good, but not as good as the Sandisk Mobile Extreme Plus in the Class 10 range, or the Kingston HC.  The Samsung costs less than the Kingston or the Sandisk, but I generally feel Samsung is a more reliable brand when it comes to storage devices, it's speed is just a bit slow for copying large files.

You can purchase the SD card here:Evo Pro Plus Micro SD card.

kel toyne