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Our Services:

Email Hosting and support:

As a Google Partner, MTC resell Business Gmail accounts and hosting.  We find that as the mail is hosted on Google servers, it is the fastest, most secure and reliable email hosting service available.  With access to your emails from the browser from any device anywhere in the world it is the most reliable email service MTC can provide.  You also get 30GB cloud storage included per account, and unlimited Google Photo storage for your personal account, so you can finally organise everything properly.

We also work with your current email hosts to configure any email accounts you have.  MTC Engineers have experience in all email issues that arise, and can help manage your organisations email demands.

Desktop Sales and support:

MTC recommend factory built name brand PC’s, in particular Dell.  MTC recommend your critical machines, if not all business PC’s are covered under a three year onsite warranty, and can organise warranty repairs for you.  This saves you spending your time on the phone organising replacements or repairs, let us do that for you so you and your staff can keep working.

MTC maintain PC’s also, and can also monitor and pro-actively maintain your PC’s covered under managed service contracts so they are working properly all of the time.  If you have a MaintainTech or ManageTech contract, it allows us to work on the pc’s constantly to fix issues before they occur.  This means less downtime.  And even on a MonitorTech agreement it allows us time to monitor system resources and backups.  With the amount of devices and even the data you hold growing, it’s very important to maintain them properly, and not for your organisation to lose control of its valuable assets and resources.

Server Support:

A total server solution is critical to keep your business running smoothly with maximum uptime.  For this you require a server currently covered by three year onsite hardware warranty, virtualised server images configured correctly, and all constantly monitored resources, uptime, internet connection, and backups.  The OS has to be constantly updated, error logs must be checked constantly, and the data should be checked for viruses with real time protection, and with manual scans also.

Data security is important, so testing should be done to check that users have the correct access and security to the folders as per your instructions.  With staff leaving and new staff joining, it’s important to make sure all user accounts are up to date.  And as new staff join, we can have new workstations, with email, printing, and folder access all setup on time so they can commence work straight away, meaning greater efficiency and less downtime for you.

Network Administration:

MTC always recommend the fastest internet connection possible for your business so the network experiences zero delays with emails, website browsing, cloud backups, Remote Desktop Connections (RDP), and Terminal Server access.

Wireless Access Point Installations with proven hardware and excellent cabling are required for improved wireless performance.  This helps for the increasing amount of wireless devices, and caters for future growth needs.

We can do data cabling installs for new offices, office moves and server cabinet re-cabling/organisation.  Another requirement for reliable IT infrastructure at your business is organised cabling and server rack organisation.  If you have messy wiring, constant network outages or poor network performance, these issues can all be fixed once an audit is done.

Domain and Website Management:

Monitoring can be setup so we are emailed alerts for any domain record errors that could affect website and email availability.

MTC is an Australian reseller for Ventra IP, an Australian based website and DNS host.  This means we have researched and found the best possible place to keep your websites and domain records safe and secure.  MTC can manage your domain names, websites, and domain name records, and make sure you don’t miss any domain renewals.

Anti-Virus and IT Brain:

As an ESET Australia reseller we can manage your anti-virus for all your devices and keep an eye when they expire and organise renewal.  IT Brain is device monitoring software we can offer that monitors system functions such as firewall, Anti-virus, CPU utilisation, and HDD space.  We use this as part of our proactive Managed Services so we get email alerts on your critical machines and when they require support.

Data backup and Disaster Recovery:

A keystone of our service is our backups.  Testing backups is crucial to your data security.

Gartner Group says that 43 percent of companies were immediately put out of business by a “major loss” of computer records, and another 51 percent permanently closed their doors within two years — leaving a mere six percent “survival” rate.


 The MTC solution to avoid data loss, is to do daily checks of backup reports, and manual checks of backup recovery.  The client informs MTC of critical folders that must be backed up.  We check this is done every day.  Backup testing must be done where we rehearse a disaster, and then do a data restore, and then test the data tests properly.

Disaster recovery plans can also be designed, where the client has documentation on the entire backup process, exactly how we will replace failed hardware, and how long it will take.  Also included, are details on how we will install the hardware, and restore the backup set.  Once testing is completed, we hand back to the user.  If all of this is documented in a Disaster Recovery Plan, and tested, there is confidence that your company data is always recoverable.

Client record documentation:

Another key service.  Constant updating of client records means the client has up to date documentation of all of their IT details, including account information, backup processes, and network layout diagrams.  By doing this an organisation retains control of their entire IT system, and has all information on hand on hard copy, preferably in a fireproof safe in the office.  Keeping good organisation and up to date records of all details helps in a crisis, and shows your ICT systems are setup correctly and being looked after professionally.

How we provide support:

MTC has a 1300 toll free helpdesk that clients call during business hours (9am to 5pm).  Clients call and describe the issue they are having. We log the ticket in a helpdesk ticketing system called Zendesk, this helps track the dozens of jobs and any projects we are currently doing for your organization.

When logging the ticket, we ask the priority of the job, for example is it high, medium, or low priority.  High priority jobs are started same day or even straight away for critical issues.

An example would be a SQL server that a business uses that organises the day to day running of all company functions. This might include key information like factory stock levels, client orders, customer contact details, client invoicing, delivery dockets, and accounts payable and receivable.  Let’s say, for example, the company Accountant can’t access the customer database on their PC. They would contact our helpdesk and talk to an engineer who would immediately log a helpdesk ticket.  If the ticket/issue is urgent, we would remotely access the PC after gaining permission and the password from the accountant.  We would then take control of the mouse remotely, and solve the issue.

Once it then tests correctly, we close our remote session to the accountants screen.  If required, we update any client records along the way, which contain the usernames and passwords for all of your accounts, emails, and services including internet, websites, domains, phones etc.

Client records are kept in a secure location on hard copy at your office premises, and in a secure location on our servers too.

We also visit site if required, especially if you want to talk to us personally, or if there is an internet issue and we can’t access machines remotely.  Site visits are also required for server restarts, hardware deliveries and installations.

We also visit clients occasionally to see how they are, and if their systems need any work that they may not have had time to call in.  It’s nice just to catch up sometimes if and see if there is anything that a client needs, it’s more of a proactive than a reactive one.

Managed Services and how it works:

We offer two types of support for our clients: ad-hoc and Managed Services.  Managed Services is a pro-active approach with three levels of support:


[caption id="attachment_2391" align="aligncenter" width="590"] Table of MTC Managed Contract Levels[/caption]



  1. MonitorTECH

We can setup monitoring of your following systems so we are alerted of problems before they cause a system crash:

  • Domain name records, SPAM lists, and other domain records failures which can cause email and website failure.

  • Backup reporting and alerts of cloud and Shadowprotect services. This helps tell us things like if an external hard drive is not plugged in or replaced by a staff member, or if lasts nights backups failed and how to fix. We can also do SQL backup reporting on hourly or daily backups.

  • Reporting on system resources of pc’s or servers can also be setup (not Apple devices yet, but this technology is being developed). The resources monitored include CPU utilisation, HDD imminent failure or hard drive full errors, network outage, unauthorized access etc.

MonitorTECH is a good entry level Managed Service Contract.  It is a smart way to reduce the MTC hourly rate, and sets up monitoring of your key devices, and backups. We prefer to spend time each day checking your backup reports so we can catch any errors.  You may find later on that you want to increase the level of support to include pro-active maintenance.

  1. MaintainTECH

This service contract includes the MonitorTECH services, and also:

  • Monthly Equipment Servicing

  • Antivirus Management

What this means is it allows us to do the proactive support on your pc’s and servers that they really need.  Ad-hoc clients always call MTC once a system has crashed, or in a disaster where a critical machine has failed or there has been data loss.

This puts stress and pressure on your staff, business owners, and MTC.  Too many sleepless nights trying to recover the unrecoverable has proven there is no substitute for maintained and monitored I.T. systems, observed and tested backups.

To avoid company profit loss, unhappy staff, and unproductive staff, we like to work on their machines and keep them updated, cleaned up, backed up, and virus and ransomware free.

With all of your machines scanned for viruses manually as well as real time protected, there is less chance of a virus attack or a crypto lockdown of all company data.

A crypto virus or ransomware is when you are locked out of your files.  There is a ransom demand (about $10,000) for the key to unlock the data.  But once you’ve had someone inside the company records, there is no guarantee that they have not left a backdoor open for them to return for another attack. MTC have had this issue before with a new client and were able to recover their data without paying the ransom, and we removed all traces of the attack.

There may also be legal requirements for the security of your client’s credit card details, website data, and client data.  We have legally ramified our backup processes to Brisbane Catholic Education (BCE), and our backup hosts have provided the legal documentation they required to continue using our services for the holding of a BCE schools data.

Our anti-virus management includes the setup of ESET Endpoint Protection.  Instead of paying retail prices of anti-virus licenses, we can setup Endpoint protection of 5-1000 devices, where the cost decreases as the amount of devices increases.  Renewals each year are also cheaper too.  We get an email each month with the list of licenses up for renewal.  If yours is due, we email, and confirm you wish to renew.

  1. ManageTECH

ManageTECH has the same levels of service as MonitorTECH and MaintainTECH, with the added benefit of:

  • One monthly fixed fee.

This means we bill you monthly a fixed flat rate which covers all your ICT costs on one invoice including: website, domain record, email hosting, backup costs, including onsite and cloud backups.  All monitoring software costs, and call out fees for visiting onsite as well.  The labour is included too for pro-active support and all helpdesk tickets you call in for any support you need, so you can forecast your spend for the next twelve months.  No more varying invoices from month to month.

Workings for fixed monthly cost: We aggregate the costs of your support for the last 12 months, by calculating total labour for past year, subtracting project work and calculate the average monthly spend on labour.  We add some hours to include the pro-active support, which means we work on your systems more, and this reduces downtime and workplace friction due to more reliable IT infrastructure. We then reduce the hourly to the Managed Service rate determine the fixed monthly fee.  We then meet the company owners / representative and present the fixed fee price.

Best of all, there is no fixed contract so you are not locked into a supplier for 12-24 months, this is what sets us apart, our faith in our own good service so we don’t need to lock you in.

For new clients, we can visit site and do a site audit to learn your current IT system, what requirements there are and what improvements are needed (if any).

Once we understand your system, how many users you have and how much support you will require, we can work out a Managed Service Contract that suits your business’s needs, and present it to business owners or project manager.

All of our Managed Service contracts represent a fair pricing schedule for both parties.  We log all proactive works done, and each monthly invoice for the Service Contract details the hours and details of works done.  This too sets us apart from our competition.

Billing and Accounts

MTC bill twice monthly, on the 15th and last day of every month for ad-hoc clients.  Managed Service Clients are billed once a month on the 15th.  All invoices are due within seven days.  Invoices are sent at the end of billing cycle, and statements sent every month also.  Invoices are to be paid by direct deposit to our bank account.  All details are included on our invoices.

Invoices include a line item of the helpdesk ticket number, and there is detail of the work and hours for each ticket completed.  We only charge for a ticket once it is complete and the client is satisfied.

Project work (e.g. Server installation, desktop/laptop/tablet installation, office setup, cabling jobs etc.), is charged separately outside of the Managed Service Contract.  MTC will provide a quote for the entire project, including an estimate of the labour time.  On acceptance of the quote, MTC will invoice the hardware/software and order once payment is received.  Once the project is complete, we invoice the labour proportion.

If clients require different credit terms, we will meet and discuss.

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