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Microsoft Launches SQL Server 2016

This article originally appeared in and July 2016.

With a lot of changes occurring at the moment in the data world, Microsoft has released SQL Server 2016, and it comes with the language R, the most prevalent language with data scientists as it assists them with problems like computational biology to quantitative marketing.

Michal Golebiewski, Chief Marketing and Operations Officer of Microsoft Malaysia believes that Microsoft SQL 2016 is the biggest leap forward in data platform history with real-time operational
analytics, rich visualisations on mobile devices, built-in advanced analytics, new advanced security technology.

As with other SQL releases, Microsoft is offering free express software licensing for Express and Developer Editions while the Standard edition will be (RRP $ 3700 USD) and Enterprise (RRP $14 200 USD).  There is free training offered for companies switching from a competitor’s brand, for this users must register with the Software Assurance Program.

Companies that have made the switch to SQL 2016 include MasterCard, UPS and BMW.

SQL 2016 comes with a new Stretch function which allows for some data to be saved on-site, and send infrequently used data to the cloud at Microsoft Azure Cloud Servers.

Microsoft will also have a virtual machine available from June the 1st, for those that want to deploy Microsoft SQL to the cloud; this will save costs for purchasing expensive on site hardware (SQL servers starting from $20,000 installed onsite).

SQL 2016 will also be available for Linus flavour too.  This is a sign that Microsoft is willing to share its technology with companies it doesn’t control.  This is always a good sign for people like myself who distrust companies that have a monopoly on all products within a product range, it is anti-competitive.  And we need competition between companies to keep them honest and their pricing fair.

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