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Managed Services Provider

Just an update on our main service offered; Managed Services.

Managed Services is where you, as a business owner engage the services of a commercial IT support company to take care of your business IT requirements.

This means instead of paying ad-hoc business IT support by the hour, you pay a flat fee each month.  We realise the last thing you want is "one more bill".  But we help here by not locking you into any contracts, which sets us apart from other IT companies.

MadTECH has the fairest pricing around.  It is recommended to start the business relationship on an ad hoc agreement, after first conducting a site audit.  We document and map the network, it's components, the servers and their roles and features.

We sit down with a sponsor or designated point of contact.  You detail any outstanding issues, or critical issues that need fixing immediately.  We then work on and solve the outstanding issues, and mark them as solved once your companies representative reports to us testing is OK.

For ad-hoc (hourly) work, we invoice twice a month with 14 days due on each invoice to approved clients.

Any hardware or software required is quoted, and sent to your company representative.  Once approved or a PO (purchase order) is supplied, we invoice, then purchase once the invoice is paid.

After the ad-hoc arrangement has run successfully for a while, we then meet with the business owners and representative to discuss a Managed Service Contract.  The price per managed service device is as follows:

New pricing structure for Managed Services for 2017 (per month ex. GST)

  • $69 per desktop

  • $299 per server

  • $29 per network printer

  • $99 per managed network

You generally find with IT support on ad-hoc arrangement that your costs fluctuate from month to month and you can get bill shock from unexpected high invoices.  If you have two or three workstations that need re-imaging Windows and all of the software you use in one month, it's going to be a big bill, usually about over a thousand dollars.

We always keep the client up to date with projected costs and progress updates, so there is no bill shock, but it is so much easier for everyone if there is a Managed Services Contract in place.  It gives us the freedom also to work on your machines as we need to.  We can update, scan, check backups and error logs as often as we want.  This keeps your organisations IT infrastructure more stable, as we see problems BEFORE they occur.

As a manager or owner, you don't have to deal with panicking or distressed or difficult staff members who's PC or server has gone offline.  And don't even mention the possibility of data loss that can be avoided with madTECH Computers managing and monitoring your backups daily, and testing restorations frequently.  We hate, and you would too losing critical company data.  We like to avoid the possibility of clients calling us for data recovery from crashed hard drives that have not been backed up!

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