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How is my workstation setup?

For my workstation setup, I require a workstation i can sit at for up to ten hours a day, as well as something that is portable, so I can take my PC to clients offices and work from it there, or on the road, or at home.  For this I use the following:


Surface Pro 3, i5 4300-CPU, 8GB RAM, 250GB HDD, 12" screen at 2160 x 1440 resolution.

You might think this is outdated, but it still boots up in about 5 seconds.  I don't experience any lagginess when using programs, and I normally have Outlook, about 10 chrome tabs, and Teamviewer open with usually 2-3 remote sessions open.  I usually have Spotify playing as well, and my CPU utilisation is really low, and my memory utilisation is still only at 50%

The software I use on the PC is: Office 2013 Home and Business (I normally buy lifetime licenses outright - no 365 subscriptions here!), Windows 10 Professional, CCleaner to keep it running fast, ESET AV Version 8, and SOS online backups (even though most of my files are saved in Google Drive).  I also have Spotify installed, in my taskbar I have these setup:

As you can see, I have snipping tool, calculator, chrome, Outlook, Spottys, and Teamviewer pinned for easy access.

For my keyboard I use a Microsoft 600 USB Full size (with number pad). When mobile, I use the Surface keyboard, while it is expensive it is really nice to use, and charges itself off the Surface Pro's battery.

For sounds, I use Bose Bluetooth headphones, or Creative 2.1 speaker setup with subwoofer.  These are both good if you have a lot of outside noise.  I don't, but sometimes if someis standing outside the office talking on their phone, I can just turn the volume up.  The good thing about using the headphones is you can listen to Music or podcasts, and if you receive a call, you can take it straight away and the music pauses until you end teh call.  The headphones I reviewed here:

Last of all, for the printer, I use a Brother MFC-L2703DW RRP $250 from Officeworks.  It's a no-nonsense mono laser, takes about 250 sheets A4 and does scan as well.  I just wanted a printer that you can just print to without interruptions.  No having to replace colour inkjet cartridges every minute and having to mortgage your house to buy a new pack of cartridges

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