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Gmail Chrome extension Full Contact

Courtesy of PC World February 2016.

Full contact for Gmail.

Most of us, when we get a new business contact or job applicant, look up their details on Social Media LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and other social Media.  If you use the Full Contact Plugin, it automatically populates their social accounts, company details, job titles etc., all without leaving your browser, and saves it to your Gmail contact card for that person.  You can see their latest social media posts and social media updates all without leaving your inbox.

I have tested this plug in, and it works, but not that well.  If the user has a profile picture set on their Google account it appears anyway.  It is easy to add the wrong persons Social Media data to your contact if the people have the exact same name, anywhere in the world, so beware of this.

Out of my 200+ Unified Gmail contacts, it could provide Social Media data for 14 contacts, some of my contacts did already have that data populated.

The plugin tries to charge you a subscription also, so you can sync your contacts immediately, as opposed to every 30 days as with the free version.  The subscription cost is $9.99 USD per month or $99 per year.

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