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BioRing Wearable

BioRing is the new smart wearable technology that helps keep record of sleep patterns, calories including protein and carb metrics, exercise, sleep, stress, hydration and heart health.

It is a kickstarter item available for purchase now from Indiegogo. If you purchase now you get the ring, charging station, a guide, and one year warranty for the early bird special of $199 for one or $249 for two.  It will ship in November, and it's Indiegogo goal was set at $50,000 but has already raised $70,000.

This new health tracker is worn like a ring, unlike the current trackers that are worn on the wrist.  It has two sensors, a processor, ultra thin curved battery,  and 3 axis accelerator.

This device is perfect for people who are health conscious and want to know what there numbers are for each day, including hours of decent sleep, amount of times woken, your nutrition statistics including calorie, carbohydrate and fat intakes. It measures steps taken, (my record was 40,000 in one day, but this included a run as well), and it measures the fluid levels within the wearers cells.

The data is then sent to the app installed on the wearers smartphone, where the Swedish - based company has developed an algorithm to calculate caloric intake as well as macro-nutrients breakdown.  BioRing will learn each users metabolic rhythm in one week to give accurate data to that user and personalised health plans.

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