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Data Cabling

Network Data Cabling Services

We can do data cabling installs for new offices, office moves and server cabinet re-cabling/organisation.  Another requirement for reliable IT infrastructure at your business is organised cabling and server rack organisation.  If you have messy wiring, constant network outages or poor network performance, these issues can all be fixed once an audit is done.

MTC Business Technology Solutions can provide any solution for any cabling projects your organisation requires.  We can check the copper running from the street to your communications cabinet in your office (this is where the internet comes into your building).  From there we check the standard of the patch panels, switches, modems, and routers to make sure all our installed and configured correctly.  We run line tests from the patch panel to the wall jack for any LAN ports that are failing and replace and hardware or connections that are faulty.  We also make sure

Wireless Access Point Installations with proven hardware and excellent cabling are required for improved wireless performance.  This helps for the increasing amount of wireless devices, and caters for future growth needs.

Poor wireless performance is one of the most prevalent challenges facing businesses and schools today.  As the amount of wireless devices grow, the infrastructure that provides them throughput to the internet, servers and each other must grow in capability as well.

Our solution for this is the Ubiquiti UAP-LR Access Point.

Ubiquiti UAP-AC Access Point RRP $395 Delivered:

This is an access point which you install in areas of poor wireless strength.  First you install cabling from the modem router to the area with the poor wireless.  There is a POE (Power over Ethernet) injector that is an inline plug at the modem end.  This injects enough electrical current into the Ethernet line to power the access point at the other end.  It also provides the network connectivity from the modem router to the wireless access point at the other end.  The access point then broadcasts the internet signal to wireless devices at the other end.

The Ubiquiti access point has a professional design that looks good in any office, and has a circular LED displaying various state of connection.  E.g. Green for connected to the internet, orange flashing for receiving power but not connected properly to the modem router.

Configuration when installing the Ubiquiti AP, includes installing the companion software (Unifi Controller) on the pc that is in the office where the modem router is, or on the engineer’s laptop if none available.  Within this software you can activate the AP, upload a floorplan of the office, pin each access point on the map, as well as label and name each one with the desired naming convention.

The specifications for the Ubiquiti UAP-AC:

2.4 GHz: 450 Mbps
5 GHz: 1300 Mbps
Range: 122m
Gigabit Ethernet
802.11 a/b/g/n/ac
802.3at compliant (POE+)

Case Study

There was a childcare centre that had no data ports down the far end of the building.  There was also little or no wireless strength down that end either.  The staff were supposed to send documents to printer, save documents to the server and send emails, and browser the internet.  Either the staff had to bring their laptops down the other end, or stand halfway down the corridor to get connectivity.

We measured the wireless strength at the weak end of the block, for baseline testing.  We provided a quote for labour and materials to install a wireless access point, which was accepted and signed by the client.  Upon acceptance, we invoiced for the hardware, an example of the list of materials required was:

  • 30 metres of Gigabit Ethernet CAT6 Cable
  • 2 x wall mount data ports
  • 2 x CAT 6 data jacks
  • 1 x Ubiquiti UAP-LR (Long Range) Access Point

Our solution was to install Gigabit cabling from one end of the block where the main office was located, down to the far end that was experiencing drop outs.  We installed a data port under the desk, and ran cabling from behind that inside the wall cavity into the ceiling.  The CAT 6 cabling ran the length of the building inside the ceiling, down to the end room.  There we mounted and terminated the cable with a ceiling mounted data port.

At the modem end, we installed the Unifi Controller Software on the Office desktop PC, and configured the Access Point, and plugged it straight into the modem router, where it made a connection and showed a green LED meaning it was working properly.  We then plugged a patch cable from the modem top the POE (Power over Ethernet) adapter at the office end; next to the modem.  We plugged the POE injector into the wall, and ran a data cable from the POE injector to the data port on the wall which we had just installed.  The POE injector injects enough current into the data cable for the Access Point to operate. ­­This runs over the data cable, which carries data also, so there is only one cable that needs to be installed, and no power plugs need to be installed.  For jobs that require several Access Points, we recommend the installing of a POE switch, this would save having several POE injectors hanging in an office or under a desk.

With the Access Point configured, and the data cabling installed and tested and verified, we then installed the access point with the ceiling mounting kit that comes supplied.  The finished look is very professional, and testing showed a 400% increase in wireless strength at that end of the building.  We tested video streaming, test prints and file transfers and all worked very well.

The project was project was demonstrated to the Centre Manager who was impressed with the results and signed off on project completion.  Two years later, there has not been one outage of that access point, and it still works very well.

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