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Windows 10 Anniversary update

  The Windows 10 anniversary update has started rolling out to new PC’s.  We are sending out this blog to warn users to make sure you only install the update overnight to ensure you don’t take out your PC and make it unusable in the middle of the working day (like I did). Just select…

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Roaming Profiles in Windows 10

  Roaming profiles is the sum total of settings, configurations, files and folders, desktop and background settings of a profile. Normally with a profile it is setup as a local profile where all the profile settings are stored on the one PC.  Every time someone logs onto their PC, their settings are all there as…

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How to stop attachments going to junk email folders

As part of our service providing IT support for Companies on the Gold Coast, we recently had a call from a client, who couldn’t get their emailed invoices and quotes to arrive in clients inboxes! They had an issue where their attachments were getting marked as SPAM and were ending up in recipients junk email…

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Wannacry Ransomware Cyber Attack

MadTECH is taking the following steps to make sure there is no Wannacry Cyber attacks on clients machines: Ensure that Windows updates are current.  The exploit where Wannacry get’s it’s access was first patched by Microsoft in April, so as long as your last Windows update was at least in the April batch you will…

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New client discount and referral bonus for existing clients

Hey Everyone, We all know how valuable new clients are.   There are companies out there that you may know that don’t have good IT support, or have IT staff onsite, but require outsourcing to consultants like us. We are not chasing clients that are satisfied with their current IT support; just ones that aren’t.…

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