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VOIP Phone system project

Another client was running an old Fortinet Talk switch VOIP phone system.  We had been supporting the old voip system for the client for the last 6 years, and had recommended a replacement phone system, but the recommendation wasn’t followed due to lack of funding.  We were constantly fixing issues with holiday scheduling (when the…

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Case study, phone and internet outage # 1

s job we had last week was for a phone and internet outage for a small branch of a large carpet company. The problem was that the internet service provider is a third tier supplier, so that we have to log the job with them, who then log the job with the upstream provider, who…

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Veeam backups fail on install on Windows Server 2012 R2

After downloading Veeam Agent for Windows, you extract and run the installation, you are left with the following programs that are installed: Configure backup File level restore Volume restore Create recovery media Veeam Agent for Microsoft Windows                                      …

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No sub-folders in Outlook (Office 365 version)

If you experience the issue where you click on the arrow net to a main folder and the sub folders don’t populate, I fixed it recently like this: First close outlook. Windows search, and then type in Run (when working remotely), or if at the PC, just press the Windows Key + R. Enter the…

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New Backup strategy

In the past MTC MadTECH Computers has used SOS Cloud storage for the offsite storage of client’s critical data.  In layman’s terms, offsite storage of your company’s critical data means there is a copy of that data stored away from your physical business address.  This is to make sure there is a safe copy of…

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