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Security Development

In the Future, there could be no need for any more expensive anti-virus software, and it is in part due to the insecurity of the IoT (the Internet of Things).  The Internet of Things means the myriad of smart devices we are starting to see become available as smart devices for our homes.  Everything from…

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Internet Nightmare

Australia’s Internet Nightmare

NBN and the Internet Nightmare in Australia: The latest worldwide internet ratings ranked Australia at 48th in the world, 31 places behind the UK.  Back in 2010, the UK and Australia shared the national average internet speed, 4.8Mbps. But since then, Australia and UK have taken different paths to upgrading their internet infrastructure.  Since 2010,…

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Microsoft Launches SQL Server 2016

This article originally appeared in pc.com and computerworld.com July 2016. With a lot of changes occurring at the moment in the data world, Microsoft has released SQL Server 2016, and it comes with the language R, the most prevalent language with data scientists as it assists them with problems like computational biology to quantitative marketing.…

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Office for mac 2016

Office for MAC 2016

Microsoft Office Home and Business 2016 for MAC RRP $299.00 Sources: Jon Honeyball, www.pcandtechauthority.com.au Upon testing Office for MAC, it is important that users are aware there are two versions of Office; the full version, or as Jon Honeyball reports, the full-fat version, then there is light versions, and finally there are web-based versions, which…

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Instructions on removing smartphone banking app malware

This article first appeared in skynews.com.au The Malware that was reported first by ESET days ago can easily be removed from your smartphone by  using the following method: For those believed to be infected by the malware, it can be removed by first decommissioning administrator rights for the app by going to Settings Security Device…

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