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Auto reply (vacation responder) for GMail

  1. Open up your Gmail hosted account in the browser and go to settings:

2. After choosing settings after clicking on the cog setting, scroll to the bottom of that window to vacation responder. Enter your auto-response content, check vacation responder on button, configure First day Last day settings, and Subject Line, then click Save Setting button.

Add an alias for Gmail account

Add an email alias for a G Suite user

You can add up to 30 aliases for each user.

  1. Your current account, xxx@xxx.com.au, doesn’t have permission to do these steps. To continue, switch to an administrator account. This will open the Google Admin console. Switch to administrator account now or Learn more
  2. From the Admin console Home page, go to Users.
  3. In the Users list, find the user. If you need help, see Find a user account.
  4. Click the user’s name to open their account page.
  5. Click User information  Email aliases
  6. Click Alias and enter an alternate user name (the part of the address that appears before the @ sign). Note: You can’t create an alias currently assigned to someone else, either as a primary address or alias.
  7. (Optional) If multiple domains have been added in your Admin console, the field to the right of the @ sign is a menu listing available domains. Select a domain for the alias address. Note: Domains added as a domain alias don’t appear in this list. A domain alias applies for everyone in your account and can’t be customized for a single user.
  8. Click Save.
  9. (Optional) To return to the user’s account page, at the top right, click the Up arrow  .

Install and configure Drive File Stream

Instead of going to the browser to access Google Drive, you can install Drive File Stream to access Google drive from File Explorer (This PC).

This makes it easier to use Excel and Word Files as well as Google files like sheets etc.

To install Drive File Stream on PC:


Click on the link above

Click on Download and install Drive File Stream

Choose download for Windows or download for Mac

Click on the .exe and install

Once installed, it will ask for your account details, enter username and password.

Once installed, Drive File Stream will appear as a drive on your computer, click on Drive File Stream and then My drive:

If the folders shared with you aren’t there, you will need to add folders shared with you.

Add files to “My Drive”

If you want to organize shared files, add them to “My Drive.”

  1. Go to drive.google.com.
  2. On the left, click Shared with me.
  3. Click the files or folders you want to add to your drive.
  4. In the top right, click Add to My Drive.

Moving Outlook 365/2019 contact groups from one profile or PC to another

Quick breakdown so I can just reference for later:

  1. Step one, open the contact group and save it as a .TXT file
  2. Open the .TXT file in Excel, and clean it up, so column A is the contact name, and contact B is the email address
  3. Email or copy the .XLSX file to the location of new group
  4. Create a new Contact Group in the new profile or on the new PC, add members as an Outlook contact, then paste the two columns in the add members field at the bottom of the windows
  5. Save Contact Group

Late payment fee

MadTECH Computers will commence a late fee for invoices not being paid on time.
It will be 1.5% per month for invoices past due date.
For contracted clients, this will commence once written in to the next contract that we sign.
For ad-hoc clients, this will commence once the emails have been sent out.

How to show more than 5 “recent people” whilst choosing email recipients in Outlook

With some Office 365 subscriptions, some of you may notice that the auto-complete feature is replaced by ” Recent people”.

What this means is, when you are composing an email in Outlook, when you go to the “To:” field it only shows the 5 Recent people you have emailed too, not all of the previous email addresses beginning with “A”

recent people

With older versions of Outlook prior to the updates, the Auto-complete should show all previous email recipients beginning with the letter you input (E.g. “A”).

To remove the Recent People bug, it requires a registry edit. Follow the below instructions to fix the issue.


Please note that the registry key name is : DisableAutoCompleteUpdate

Thanks to the following authors for providing this solution:



MadBLOG 10-10-18

Stay smart online week 8-10 October.

One of the easiest ways to stay safe online is to keep your software updated.

It’s too easy to skip the update now button when it pops up on your phone or your computer, but just taking some time to update your phone, your computer or your apps helps plug security holes in them.  It also helps add new features, and fix any bugs that cause them to crash or not work properly.

If you install updates as soon as they appear it reduces the amount of time hackers have to compromise your system.

A way to stay safe online is to make updating software a priority.  Set the time aside to update the software on your pc periodically.  Or you can even set your pc or phone to do it automatically.  Of course it can cause some software instability to install software patches that aren’t thoroughly tested but I estimate this to be between 1-5% of updates can cause system crashes or instability.

The benefits outweigh the risks of patching software.  This coupled with data backups, bare-metal recovery system disks and restore points all help.  Especially if your updates are done frequently, you may only need to do your quarterly MS updates and any 3rd party software updates, which may only be one or two at a time.

Staff Monitoring Software




Pricing breakdown:

$9.95 USD for 5 devices per month
Staff monitoring software requirements:

Time spent in Outlook? Yes it does monitor applications used.

What websites are being accessed?  Yes

What websites in incognito mode? On Windows and Mac, Qustodio monitors and filters incognito browsing just as well as regular browsing and there is no special setting to activate for this to happen

Time spent in websites?

Screenshots of websites? Yes it takes screenshots of websites visited

Time spent in different applications including Word, Photoshop? Yes it does monitor applications used.


Often people will leave a program open but not actively using it, including Outlook.  I personally leave outlook open in one monitor but go back to it to write or reply to an email?

Utilise the trial period first for testing purposes.  If happy, then purchase the license after testing for 30 days.

Can customise the configuration prior to install so can on board to device quickly.

If application monitoring doesn’t work, try disabling any security suites or anti-virus.

No phone support, only email support.

Supported platforms:

Windows            (Windows 7 and up)

Mac       (Mac OS 10.8 onwards)

iOS         (iOS 7 onwards)

Android (4.0 and onwards)

Telstra VDL Ethernet connection speed increase

Another client we have is currently running “business grade Ethernet” from Exetel, who I think resell an AAPT Internet connection. Despite paying for a 14/14 Mbps connection, with 20+ users running 1-2 devices + a VOIP phone they were constantly exceeding bandwidth and experiencing slowdowns, loss of internet, dropping phone calls etc.

A lot of this was also due to the fact that the ISP was really only providing a 10/10 connection, not a 14/14 as per contract. When disputed with the provider, the line was; we provide UP TO 14/14 connection.

So after negotiations with Telstra representatives, they client chose to upgrade to a fibre to the premises 50/50 Ethernet VDL internet upgrade.

First Telstra sent someone to do a site survey, including could they run fibre cabling from the ground floor up to the second floor including through 2 x concrete slabs. There was no conduit left to run cabling through, so holes had to be cut through the slab.  This cost was passed onto the client as part of the installation costs.

Once the site survey was complete, the client met with the Telstra account manager, and they agreed on a contract and costings.  For a 50/50 MB connection, the cost would be $850 per month excluding GST.

Once the contract was signed, Telstra sent cable technicians who ran the fibre cable to the clients network cabinet.  Another engineer then installed a Cisco basement switch in the rack.  A connection date was then  provided by the account manager, and I was booked in by the client to be on site that date.

We then sent a technician to the site to configure the WAN connection.  Unfortunately, the WAN connection was DOWN when configured, so the MTC engineer contacted Telstra to report the fault.  Telstra reported that the connection hadn’t been provisioned (activated) yet.

So, the connection was provisioned about a week later, so we went back to site to configure the WAN connection on the router.  The router they were using was a Netgear FVS 336 v3.  This is a dual-WAN Gigabit router.  We left WAN connection 1 as the existing Exetel ISP connection, and configured WAN 2 as the new connection.  We first left WAN type as auto-sense, and shaped the WAN up/down speeds as 50 MB / 50 MB.  We then added the IP address (external), subnet mask, and Telstra DNS settings.

Once done, and the WAN state was showing as up, I made the WAN 2 connection active.  We then commenced speed tests, and the results were disappointing.  We were getting 35 MB Down, and about 25 MB up.  I contacted Telstra Business Internet support, and we tweaked the WAN settings; in particular changed the traffic shaping from 50/50 to 100/100.  I also changed the WAN connection type from auto sense to 1000 Base T-Full duplex.  With this we got the speeds up to 40/30.  This is a speed test from a laptop over a wireless connection, obviously inside the LAN.  All of the router configuration was currently being done remotely with external access to the router.  We were then contacting the clients office if we needed to warn of any router restarts or dropouts.

Now Telstra Level 2 technicians requested we go to site to perform isolation tests.  We went back to site, switched the router active WAN back to WAN 1 the original ISP which was still active.  This was a slower speed, but at least the users could still work while I configured the WAN 2 connection.  For this, i removed the Ethernet cable from WAN 2 on the router back to the Ethernet port on my laptop.  I then set the IP address, gateway, subnet mask, and DNS on the Ethernet adaptor on the PC connected directly to the Telstra basement switch.  I then performed an group of 5 speed tests so I could get an average.

The average speed I got after performing the isolation test was 48 MB down / 36 MB up.  Telstra said this was an acceptable speed, which we then  disputed with the account manager, who had promised a minimum speed of 48/48 MB.  On top of this, the contract came through from Telstra which said the speed we requested was 100 MB/100 MB, at a cost of $1100 ex gst per month, a $350 per month ex GST increase!

So we are currently disputing this with Telstra obviously.  The L2 engineer recommended to me to upgrade the router, which I refused.  This would be a significant cost to the client, approximately $800 – $1000, and no guarantee it would resolve the issue.  If they were not shaping the last Mbps of the upload, then we would get closer to 45-50 Mbps upload speed, which would be acceptable.


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